is it a good time to sell

is it a good time to sell
Tony Lanni:
So I got asked, is it a good time to sell? It’s a really simple answer. It’s a great time to sell. It’s an excellent, excellent time to sell. Sellers market, guys. It is a low inventory market. There are more people in the storefront than there are widgets on the shelf, so to speak. Inventory is super, super low. And I guess the segment of buyers, unfortunately for better or for worse, that were affected by, unfortunately, the pandemic are off to the side. It’s a waiting game for them. Interest rates are so, so low, other people are refinancing. The rest of that segment, to quantify it, 70 to 75 to 80, maybe 85% of the people who are going to in fact buy, are looking for something to buy and they can’t find it. Why? Because inventory is so low.

People that maybe were living outside of the traditional home in either a first-time house, that lost their job, unfortunately and sadly guys, it’s the reality of the situation, but it’s getting better, brighter days ahead, or that segment of people who maybe were renting an apartment, are now back home with mom and dad, either in their basement or in the spare bedroom. Meantime, that three quarters, that segment, that two thirds of the people that are still working and they’re out there and they were going to buy anyway, are looking to buy, can’t find a house.

So the point is now, right now, is time to list your house, list your place, list your home, because you’re going to, very, very frankly speaking, politely and professionally, you’re going to make big money on that, because people are bidding way above what it’s worth. Of course, you’re always tethered back by the appraisal value. You know that, we know that, but it’s still not a reason to not sell. So is it a good time to sell? It’s a great time to sell. It’s an excellent time to sell. It’s the right time to sell, right now., hope that helps. Can’t wait to hear from you. Make it a great day and get in touch with me, Till next time, signing out from the boat. Beautiful night. Take care guys, talk soon.
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