Is it a good time to Sell – or Buy?

Is it a good time to Sell - or Buy?
Tony Lanni:
Hey everybody, Tony Lanni, Realtor here. Just want to answer a question that I’ve been getting asked quite a bit lately, and that is, is it a good time to sell? The answer is real, real simple. In a nutshell, it’s an excellent time to sell. It’s the right time to sell. It’s a great time to sell. Why? Because inventory is very, very low. You list now, your house is going to stick out like a sore thumb. On the buyer’s side, combine that with interest rates being so, so low, it’s also a great time for buyers to take advantage of these really unprecedented and historically low, low rates. So the matchup is really, really good to make a move right now.

Now, unfortunately, for better or for worse were coming kind of out of the situation that unfortunately affected us all earlier in the year, but that did a couple of things, right guys? So here’s what it did. It pretty much made that segment of people that were waiting on the sidelines, they were ready to go, things in their of life and their situation changed. That’s the reality we’re in. They’re getting better, brighter days ahead guys, but that segment kind of dropped out and they’re now just stuck waiting on the sidelines. They’re keeping an eye open. They’re not making a move. That allows buyers who we’re going to buy anyway, and who were getting pre-approved or might have already been pre-approved, more room to kind of just jump in the game and make their move. Rates being so low, inventory being so low, that actually connects and it matches up. Don’t forget, you’re going to be protected by and tethered by the lender saying here’s the appraisal. Here’s what it’s really, really worth. So it’s safe to go out there and make a bid even though a lot of times, people are bidding way above asking price. That’s okay, because you’re going to be protected by that lender’s appraisal, which is going to get done on the buyer’s side for you.

So it’s safe to make a move right now. It’s safe to buy. You could see that a lot of people are going well above asking. So it’s an excellent, excellent time to sell because when you sell, you’re going to scratch your ticket so to speak. And if I could speak frankly guys, just make a lot of money and do very, very well for yourself. So Tony Lanni,, hope that helps. Any questions, get in touch with me, Make it a great day. Get in touch and get ready to make your move right now. Take care guys. Bye bye.
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